Supporting women in insurance

  • Introduce female talent to their external peer group for meaningful business networking opportunities.
  • Connect female talent with other women, at different levels, across the market.
  • Provide leadership training and career development opportunities.
  • Offer an online resources and support portal.

Our objectives

  • Build a community through which members can exchange information on professional subjects, confidentially and in the spirit of mutual trust and respect.
  • Support women working at all levels in the insurance industry, through mutual guidance and support on professional issues.
  • Encourage communication between different generations to reduce the seniority gap and inspire future generations of leaders in this economic sector.
  • Promote social responsibility.

Our beliefs

  • We consider women to be the key to unlocking the full potential of businesses and corporations.

  • Women and men working together enables a creative tension where diverse thinking flourishes – creating success and transforming working culture to benefit everyone.

  • We support female talent in the insurance profession by providing an international platform that unites them with their peers, aiding the development of meaningful relationships across the sector.

  • We are a Community Interest Company (CIC); everything we do is aimed at benefiting our profession and broader society.